Land & build projects

If whilst on the search to find your dream home in Turkey you are unable to find the property that meets all of your wishes then maybe you should consider working with Turkish Coast Homes to build you the perfect property. Turkish Coast Homes are experienced in managing the process on your behalf from start to finish to ensure that the process is as stress free as possible.

Building together

Turkish Coast Homes will start by helping you find the land in your desired area and walk you through the buying process step by step. Once the ideal plot of land has been secured Turkish Coast Homes will introduce you to our Architect who will work with you to gather all of the information to bring your vision to reality.

Build Your Own Home in Fethiye’s surrounding villages

1: Laying the Ground Work

We will get together to talk about the two significant perspectives. The first is your financial budget, that will incorporate the expense of purchasing land, building, legal permissions, and getting the title deeds. The second frameworks what you want your new home to look like. At this stage, it will just be a basic design of the floor plans.

2: Title Deeds for the Land

Once we know your financial budget, we can look at land plots together. Things you should consider during this process:

– Property views, for example, countryside, village, forest

– Sun position for the morning, afternoon, or all-day

– Distance to shops, bus route and the beach

When you find the right plot of land, we can make a purchase contract with the land seller. You will pay a deposit and we will also start procedures for having the title deeds transferred into your name. If everything is in place, along with the funds the process can complete in a short period of time within a week

3: Meet with the Architect

At the point when you sign for the title deeds, this is when the process becomes very real the land is now in your name in preparation for the home of your dreams. The architect will design the last floor plans indicated by Turkish regulations and rules. We will likewise meet with the builder company to talk about the project, and time spans for each stage until the completion. When work begins, at any stage, you can see the construction, or on the off chance you are outside of Turkey, we will send regular Pictures and video updates for you to see the build is getting along via WhatsApp.

4: Get the title deed

Once the property has been completed, and all official building inspections have been approved, we arrange to transfer the title deeds from land status into official living residence. In addition arrange the connections of utilities while you start furniture shopping. After a last snagging list check, you can move into your custom-designed property and live the dream.

How Much Does It Cost?

Ultimate expenses depend upon several factors. These include the land plot size and location, materials used for the exterior build then decor and design, and additional extras such as underfloor heating or a swimming pool. At the beginning of the process, we draft an installment payment and cost plan to adhere to.

Examples of our ongoing land & build projects

Seydiler villa

Incirkoy Bungalow

Seydikemer Bungalow