Buy Investment property in Turkey to gain Turkish Citizenship

Buy Investment property in Turkey to gain Turkish Citizenship     As a Foreigner to qualify for Turkish Citizenship you can do so by...

Buy Investment property in Turkey to gain Turkish Citizenship

05th May 2021

Buy Investment property in Turkey to gain Turkish Citizenship



As a Foreigner to qualify for Turkish Citizenship you can do so by purchasing real estate in Turkey which is to the value of  $400,000 on a immovable property. This will allow you to apply for Turkish citizenship. Once the application is granted, Turkish passports and ID cards are then proccessed for the candidate, their husband or wife, and children younger than the age of 18. Turkish citizenship lasts for life, and you can hold different multiple citizenships.

The following terms and conditions apply:

  • The enactment requires a minimum purchase of $400,000 US dollar (or the equivalent in Turkish Lira ) on property in Turkey. The speculation can be a solitary purchase or spread over various properties.
  • The figure is worked out dependent on the sum shown on the Title Deed (TAPU), as dictated by an authority valuation.
  • The real estate investment are to be kept for at least three years, a term composed on the TAPU and specified in the agreement. You are allowed to sell the property once the three years has lapsed.
  • The purchase aggregate should move directly from the buyers to the sellers account through bank transfer, making an immediate verification and proof on receipts.
  • The citizenship application should be sent to The Ministry of Internal Affairs, Directorate of Foreigners Department, General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs, and the Land Registry Office.


What you will require to apply for Turkish Citizenship through buying real estate in Turkey :

  • Obtain your Turkish tax number. A tax number can be obtained from the local tax office in Turkey. We can even assist you to get this on-line! You will need your Passport and additional proof of identity e.g. Driving License.
  • Open a Turkish bank account. A Turkish bank account is necessary to carry out the property payment and ensure a legal paper trail. One of our consultants can take you to a local Turkish bank and assist you through the process, it typically takes less than an hour. Documents required Turkish tax number, Passport and proof of your permanent address, e.g. a utility bill or statement.
  • Find a suitable property.Browse our Turkish Coast Homes website and contact one our team to find suitable property options for investment. The real estate should be to a value over $400,000 US dollar once an official valuation is carried out. It should be complete or nearing completion, have the property Title Deeds in place, and a habitation certificate.
  • Purchase the property.Turkish Coast Homes will take you through the entire buying process step by step. To qualify for the citizenship application, the property must be purchased via bank transfer, receipts obtained, and the Title Deed must read as the property cannot be sold on for at least three years.
  • Obtain a Certificate of Conformity. In order to receive this certificate from the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation, the bank transfer details and receipts, plus the official valuation of your new home, should be sent to their office.
  • Apply for Turkish residency. Prior to getting your citizenship, you need to apply for Turkish residency. We will advise you on the process and necessary documents required for the process.
  • Apply for Turkish Citizenship. When all the documents are present, you can then submit your application for Turkish citizenship to the Directorate General of Migration Management.


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