Healthcare in Turkey

Healthcare, registering with a doctor, eye tests and E-nabiz. When you move to Turkey and get your short-term residency a big concern from many...

Healthcare in Turkey

15th February 2022

Healthcare, registering with a doctor, eye tests and E-nabiz.

When you move to Turkey and get your short-term residency a big concern from many people is about continued healthcare.  When you apply for your residency, you will have to take out health insurance (unless over the age of 65).  Initially it will have to be a private policy, this normally will cover you for accidents only for the first year and you would have to use the stipulated hospital, in your policy, for any care.  You then have the choice to increase your cover in the 2nd year to cover medical issues, however it is rare that any pre-existing medical conditions will be covered.  You have the choice of a private policy or joining the government SGK (Sosyal Guvenlink Kurumu) scheme (both have a cost).  SGK coverage entitles the holders to free treatment in Government (Devlet Hospitals), reduced payments for prescriptions. If you are over the age of 65 ask a reputable insurance broker. When they have completed the 1st year of their residency they could apply for SGK, however they would have to get a health report from a University Hospital, the nearest being with Mugla or Antalya.

For everyday health care you can register with a local GP (free of charge).  To do this you will just need your residency permit.  Appointments are also free, the doctor with then advise to go to the hospital or could prescribe medication or give health care advice.  Prescriptions are then taken to the Eczane (pharmacist) and the correct fee is paid for your medication and it is dispensed.  Turkey has different rule on different medications.  Some medications can be bought across the counter, eg some antidepressants.  However antibiotics always need prescribing and some tablets, eg sleeping tablets need a consultant at the hospital to prescribe them.

If you need to attend a hospital, you have a choice of one of the private hospitals, Letoon or Esnaf, or the Devlet (Government).  For each you would need to pay the associated fee, unless covered on your insurance.  Each hospital also has a foreign patient office, which gives access to translators.  In our experience the healthcare available in Turkey is 1st class. Everything is normally done there any then, eg bloods, scans, result and prescriptions or follow up treatment.  Do not be surprised though if a prescription consists of injections, the pharmacy with supply the needles and medication and you have a choice of doing it yourself at home or returning to the hospital.

If you require an eye test, these are normally completed in the hospital, via appointment, however there are a few independent ophthalmologists across town that can also carry out a full check and give prescriptions.  If you are unsure the many optik (glasses) shops will advise of how to do this.  Once you have your prescription you then take it to an optik shop and chose your glasses.  These can be turned round in about an hour; however varifocals and more complex prescriptions can take longer.

Once you have a password for the E-Devlet app, you can also download and register with the E-nabiz app.


E-nabiz is an application that citizens, residents and health professionals use to access health data via the internet and mobile devices.  Regardless of where your examination and treatment happened, it is a personal health record system.  You are able to manage all you information and access your medical background form a single point of access.  (It is actually one of, if not the worlds, largest and most comprehensive healthcare information infrastructure that can be accessed safely via the internet.  This enables physicians’ timely access to your records, increasing the quality and speed of diagnosis and treatment.  It also fosters strong communications between different health care professionals.

So how do you sign into E-Nabiz?

You can down load the app, or simply search for E-nabiz and log on via the internet (E-Devlet or E-Nabiz)

You can either use your E-Devlet password, E-signature of Mobile signature via the E-Devlet website.  You can also log in with your TR ID number (as below).  When you click on the E-Devlet login you will be directed to the login. When entering the system, authentication can be done in two ways.

On the first screen you will be asked to create your profile information.  Ensure you make the box net to ‘Read E-Nabiz System Usage Conditions’

You can also choose who will access to your personal health information form the sharing options.  You will need to enter your mobile phone information and the E-Nabiz password you want to use.  You will then be able to activate the system by entering the password sent to your phone.

If you don’t have a E-Devlet password you can log into the system by registering your mobile phone number with your GP and use the disposable one-time code this is sent to you via text

If you have any health information already in the system, this will be the first screen you see when you access the system.

You are also able to book your covid vaccinations and records of vaccinations via this app.

There are so many other functions from making other appointment, accessing reports, blood tests, prescriptions and uploading allergies and personal health data.


Information accurate as of 15/2/2022

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