Places to visit around Fethiye

You could go through years of travelling to the many wonderful places in Turkey, the nation is so diverse, with such a great amount...

Places to visit around Fethiye

08th December 2020

You could go through years of travelling to the many wonderful places in Turkey, the nation is so diverse, with such a great amount to offer, that you will never tire from visiting. Turkey’s coast is filled with flourishing summer resorts, stunning bays and islands, however one coastal region that stands apart from the rest is Fethiye. From Fethiye, you can visit Oludeniz which is Turkey’s most photographed beach and the blue lagoon. From here, you can venture back in time and stroll through the cobbled streets of a relinquished Greek town, take to the sky and admire the coast from above, or just lay back and take it easy on one of the numerous public or private beaches. One thing is without a doubt – you will not to get bored in Fethiye!

On first glance Fethiye town centre is a busy town packed with brand name stores, stylish harbour front bistros, seafood restaurants, a wonderful marina,  seaside promenades, public recreational parks and ancient ruins. Concealed right in the core of Fethiye, close to the amphitheatre at the rear of the harbour, is Fethiye’s old town of Paspatur.

The Paspatur doesn’t cover such a large area, but it’s appealing. It’s a labyrinth of shady small pedestrianised alleys filled with souvenir shops, spice stalls, cafes, carpets shops, jewellery shops and antique stalls. There are a couple of vine-covered restaurants ideal for a mid-afternoon drink to escape the sun, onto the evening and throughout the night there are some great live music bars and nightlife entertainment. It’s a great place to enjoy socially and  worth a visit during your trip to the region.

In case you are a seafood lover and longing for a fishy lunch or dinner, then you should visit Fethiye Fish market, it is located close to the Paspatur. Situated in a concealed courtyard in the heart of town center, a visit to one of the restuarants here is a genuine enjoyment and shows off the best in Turkish food culture. Browse and pick your fish from the central stalls then head over to one of the many encompassing restaurants. Here they will cook it as you like it and serve your fish with a delicious plate of mixed green salad, fresh bread and meze as you sip a drink and watch local folk musicians weave their way through the rows of tables.

Calis Beach

Looking over the sea at a stunning sunset shouldn’t be missed during your visit to Fethiye, and the sundown from Calis Beach is truly outstanding one of the best in the region.

Calis, with its 4 km long stretch of beach and promande offers its visitors a wide choice of   restaurants & bars along the sea fronts where you can enjoy your evening meal whilst watching the beautiful sunsets, it is one of Fethiye’s most popular tourist resorts. It’s found just around the bay from Fethiye town, and a charming water taxi, bicycle ride or 10-minute bus ride away.

Calis has grown essentially over late years and now homes an ex-pat community all year around. The seafront overlooks the islands in the bay, and it profits by a reviving sea breeze that additionally makes it a brilliant place for water sports like kite-surfing and windsurfing. You can enjoy lunch inbetween dips in the sea at one of the numerous beachside diners, or do as most do, just unwind and relax with a delious evening meal whilst sipping a cocktail and watch as the sun sets through shades of yellow, orange and red before the brilliant dusks falls over Fethiye – Calis is positively one of the must-visit places around Fethiye!

Kayakoy ‘’ Ghost Town ‘’

Kayakoy, alluded to as Karmillasos and Levissi in Greek times, lies in a profound valley 8 km from Fethiye, and a 10 minute bus ride from Ovacik and Hisaronu. Here you can venture back in time as there are no large hotels packed with tourists or lively nightclubs; it’s a traditional village with a distinction, quite a bit of it is deserted and lies in remains. Kayakoy is a place to escape and explore. It was home to a network of over 10,000 blended Greek and Turkish occupants, both Christian and Muslim, until a population exchange coordinated under the Treaty of Lausanne constrained the Christians to return to Greece in 1923. This left the wonderful stone homes, places of worship and school abandoned. The exchange, combined with an overwhelming earthquake in 1957 that destroyed a significant number of the buildings, left Kayakoy in ruins.

Today, the roofless shells of homes and the old town are securely protected, and it’s conceivable to pay a small entrance charge and stroll through the captivating cobbled streets envisioning what life would have been similar to in its prime. Go through the day exploring, at some point appreciate some local pancakes or a customary barbecue at one of the several rustic restaurants scattered at the foot of the site. Kayakoy is an incredible outing, and one that feels a world away from the near by traveler resorts.

Oludeniz , Blue Lagoon

Numerous visitors to Fethiye have limited vision with regards to beaches. The region is honored with many remarkable stretches like Gemiler, Kidrak,  Butterfly Valley and Calis, or the several specked along the Fethiye peninsular. Be that as it may, Kumburnu, the renowned sandbank and arm of the Oludeniz lagoon, is the place where most sightseers head at any rate once during their holiday – and it’s easy to preceieve the reason why!

Oludeniz lagoon is undeniably beautiful, its pale sand and pebble sandbank emcompassed by  the turquoise sea has been recorded as one of the worlds best beaches many times. You can relax on the arm of the lagoon or unwind on one of the numerous private beaches tucked around the shallow waters of its inward bay. Yet to increase some genuine Instagram envy and acknowledge Oludeniz in its full greatness, you need to see it from above.

Braving a tandem pair paragliding jump from the grandest heights of Babdag mountain is one of the most adrenaline excursions in Turkey, and Oludeniz is famed for the sport. Request that your pilot float down to the landing strip along the fundamental beachfront steadily, or feel the G-power and pull a few tricks, in either case, you will get some astounding photographs of your feet dangling many meters over the famous acclaimed lagoon.


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